Sunday, February 06, 2005

Entre Nous

It was late February/early March, "first response" showed us two pink lines, wife was ecstatic, i was too however I covered my real feelings till our Obgyn gave us our date - Nov 6th 2004. We came home from the Doc's office , first thing I did was a reference check on our Doctor although we knew she was the one who would bring our daughter to this world. Then began our routine monthy visits to the Docs and my wife;s tryst with Nausea, food that kept us together for 4 years suddenly started to bounce , her estrogen was driving her nuts and I took refuge in walnuts. Time was flying and we deceided to share our joys with friends before they pose curious questions. My wife who at one point answered every call had a new friend, our answering machine - the AM greeted and took all our calls. As expected all our friends and family welcomed the pregnancy and bombarded us with wisdom, my wife by that time had already eaten couple books on expecting and had made a repository of knowledge from her teletalk with recent moms. Where was I? In the Kitchen, remember I wrote about Hormonal histrionics, they had decided to be our guest and I was catering to their taste with my limited cooking recipes. I like kitchen and I am not complaining, its just that you never knew what would get thrown out, until the moment.
We embraced this change - from low fat to saturated fat , my wife was gaining baby weight and me something called "sympathy" weight, our diets now contain a extra helping of clarified butter - ghee ( in hindi ) and we were perpetually stationed at the baby section of the supermarts or you guessed it right, babiesRus.
While all this was happening, it was October already and with anxiety and excitement we welcomed my In-laws from India and in November our daughter "Ruhi". Our precious little Entre Nous to our family.


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