Monday, June 06, 2005

The New Music critique

7 month in this world, she has the ears to figure the hits and misses, both me/my wife are a bollywood fan, we like indian movies and music, not too much to our surprise, our lil daughter who completed her 7th month in June has her list of top 10 countdown by now, her fav is "Shayad yeh pyar hain" from Lucky - a Sami/Lata number,She wakes up from sleep with "piyu bole" from Parineeta. She plays all by herself in front of the TV, if it has Hrithik/Shahrukhs songs ( Main Hoon Na and Koi Mil Gaya), she bounces on her exersaucer with the latest KAAL songs and in all smiles with the Remix version of Atif's "yeh lamhe" from Zeher. Its not that we haven't tried to expose her to the world of Baby Einstein DVD's and Cd's, she has dumped them in a second and now sleeps to "na jaane kyon " from Choti Si Baat and the rest.....


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