Saturday, January 07, 2006

Up where we belong

Or down where we belong, well .....that's what most make you feel when you tell them about returning back to India.

I belong to a minority who had the India return trip etched in stone before embarking on the path to USA.5 yrs in running, never had a single solitary second thought. I don't take pride in this decision( although it may appear so),I feel good about it and so I write.

Although we ( my wife as well) knew we were coming back, we embraced this opportunity to find ourselves replicating India in Atlanta, we mingled with only Indians, ate in Indian restaurants ( tried others too), hugged Indian movies, got nostalgic with Kishore, lata....found ourselves glued to the Indian channels, kept with cricket ( even played), networked with Indian pro's,argued on Indian politics ,analyzed Hinduism and to top all of it we found ourselves living in a community with majority Indians....also missed India like one day we asked the obvious question? Why are we here?

We should be where we belong, the dear ol India with all the chaos & madness, pollution & population, where we all look the same, speak the language of cricket, scream and dance at all the festivities, worship more gods than the days in year...above all a place where our near and dear need us.

Feels so good to be going back.


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