Thursday, January 19, 2006

What I will miss about US...

Sun kissed autumn leaves
Color purple sky
The pure breath of fresh air
Snow flurries on my windsheild
Sound of wind
Touch of the cool breeze
Cars on the road
The boneless salmon at boneheads
Godiva aroma at the mall
Fruity republic called banana
Wash, my car enjoyed
Tennis matches that won us tournaments
Chinese lady with the orange chicken
Friends who kept us warm with their love
Lifestyle that's more addictive than liquor
The afternoon Joggers
Those solitary brisk walks
Credit cards that lured a purchase
Tornado named Emily
Coupons we never used
Craigslist and sharper image
A product for all my wish list
Monotonous but "free"ways
Expensive caffeine from Starbucks
Late night movie picking at Blockbuster
Free shipping from
Drive thru eat and money

And......a place that gave us our precious little doll, our daughter.


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