Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Indian dream

29th March, 2006, 10.05 pm - a warm and humid mumbai embraced us from the AF flight 134. The path to the immigration was filled with excitement, sweat and bracing for the "customs". Thanks to our lil daughter our wait time at the immigration was none, her PIO status did the wonders. The baggage claim was filled with curious eyes and corrupt saviors, one such eye zeroed in on me and a whisper ensured I leave the airport without greetin the customary, the $20 dollar whisper was my acclimatization to the "indian" system. I was the odd man out everywhre, not because of my looks - I was carrying 9 bags + an infant, they didn't know this was my sayonara trip from the US. Anyways, we hit the indian dream around 12 midnight for Pune.


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