Monday, May 22, 2006

Words Worth

The Cabbie who drove me to Mumbai told me he had lunch late the previous night. I like the usage of the word "lunch".

Lot many people in Pune say one sentence which always catch my attention " Mera badluck hi Kharaab hai".

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

True Self

"you" are who you are in private.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The "real" estate

IT industry is known to have given rise to a ton of ancillary industries that rely heavily on that sector. One of them ( the property markets) is giving me a hard time here in Pune, I have been running pillar to post, hitch hiking with brokers and agents battling the soaring mercury to appraise a probable "griha". Outrageous property rates nipped my dream home in the bud, now I am doing the same thing to get myself a rental shelter.

Up close and real

On my way back from Assam,I co-rented a travera to transit from Mumbai to Pune. It was 9 in the evening,to avoid the rush the driver took a short route through the mumbai slums.Halfway thru our trip we hit a roadblock, I powered down the windows with curious eyes to make sense of the rush, we waited there impatiently for 15 minutes to find the Star attraction of the evening, it was the water tank that quench thirst for that slum evry evening, sitting pretty inside a product of globalisation its hard to believe that the same India who's talking of a 8% GDP still have a population struggling for life.